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10 Powerful Golf Drills to Quickly Improve Your Short Game

10 short game drills

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Golf Training Program

As an online instructor, I’ve created a virtual golf academy full of resources for golfers who want to see results quickly. If you’re tired of spending money and wasting time with little results to show for, then join my program. It’s pretty simple. Use these tools and you’ll get results.

You get access to:

  • 36 step by step practice routines
  • Worksheets for each practice
  • Bonus practice drill lists for 5 different areas of the golf game
  • Statistical tracking worksheets for FIR, GIR, Putts and other key metrics you should know
  • Education eBooks, Performance Charts
  • Fitness Tips, Meal Tips, Workout Exercises

Golf Putting Mastery

If you want to sink more putts from close range, stop 3 putting, and feel more confident overall when you step onto the green, then this program is for you. Welcome to our online eCourse training you to become a great all around putter like Jordan Spieth, Tiger Woods, etc.

Get access to:

  • Lessons Covering the Basic Fundamentals of Putting
  • Training Videos
  • Step by Step Putting Practice Routines
  • Checklists, Guides, Worksheets
  • And more

Golf Fitness Training

If you want to hit the ball further, prevent injury, or improve your overall fitness & conditioning then you need to get on a golf specific workout plan that focuses on the key muscles used out on the golf course

Get access to:

  • Lists of workouts by muscle group
  • Workout Sets to Rotate Through
  • Nutrition Tips for Golfers
  • Healthy Meal Plan Examples
  • Checklists, Guides, Worksheets
  • And more

A bad attitude is worse than a bad swing

Payne Stewart

Golf is the closest game to the game we call life. You get bad breaks from good shots; you get good breaks from bad shots;
but you have to play the ball where it lies.

Bobby Jones

The most important shot in golf is the next one.

Ben Hogan

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10 Best Short Game Drills


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